Historical sites

Castle and Old Town (13th – 16th centuries);

The Churches at the historical centre of the town: Chapel of Santo António (16th and 17th centuries), the Church of Espirito Santo (16th century), the Church of the Misericórdia (17th century), the Mother Church(18th century); and the convent Church of Nossa Senhora do Socorro (17th century);
Throughout the county, there are many places in the Portel mountains, such as the Hermitage of S. Pedro or the villages parish churches in Alqueva, Amieira, Santana, S. Bartolomeu do Outeiro, date back to the medieval times and restored in the manueline era.
The Church of Vera Cruz (VI – XIX centuries), is de most segnificant church in the whole county, in historical and architectural and religious terms.


The Portel landscape is characterized by the Portel mountains, with a predominance of oak groves (cork and holm oak trees). The mountainsides are covered with Mediterranean-style vegetation (the species found there are largely responsible for the particularquality of the local honey) and there are also large streches of olive groves, the basis of the counnty’s most segnificant sources ofwealth, namely its high quality olive oil.
The landscape is characterized with two important reservoirs, Alvito and Alqueva reservoir, which mark the western

Leisure facilities and activities

The county of Portel has the infraestructures to offer excellent conditionsfor sports and leisure activities. The reservoirs of Alqueva and Alvito are perfect for water sports, such as canoeing or windsurfing and there are also the municipal swimming pools (open air and indoor), a fitness circuit and minigolf just some of the facilities available for the visitor.
There are also pleasant parks and green spaces, compulsory in the summer for anyone seeking the coolness of the shade.
When the weather is cooler is the best time to go for walks, cycle rides or car tours, taking time to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Hunting is another activity which we have on offer.

Walking and organised tours

From Amieira to Alqueva, with the Lake at your Feet: http://www.visitalentejo.pt/pt/transalentejo
The village of Amieira and the village of Alqueva are two of the most emblematic riverside villages of Lake Alqueva, standing a few meters of its banks. Around them, the fields stretch to the horizon, being cut as the lake’s banks changing according with the rise or fall of the water level. These are the open fields where, when walking, one can feel the true sense of freedom.
Distance: 17Km
Approximate duration: 6h

Boat trips on the Great Lake of Alqueva (GPS: 38.277206 -7.532894)

Come and sail on the reservoir of Alqueva with your family or in a group. These boat trips allow you to discover the lands around the great lake from a different perspective. Sail through the county of Portel and neighbouring counties, discovering the natural heritage. Different routes available in boats with 25 and 120 places.

Information and booking:
Amieira Marina, 7220 Amieira
Phone: +351 266 611 173/4
Fax: +351 266 611 063
Email: geral@amieiramarina.com
Site: www.amieiramarina.com

The Fresco Route

“Discovering Alentejo paintings”
The Fresco Route is a cultural initiative for tourists in the Alentejo,it offers tours to view frescos and other murals dating from 15th century to the beggining of 19th located in religious buildings (urban and rural) across region. As well as discovering the heritage, the Fresco Route also provides an opportunity to sample the local cuisine, handicrafts, folk music (cante Alentejano) and of course the natural landscape of this region of Central Alentejo (Alvito, Cuba, Portel, Viana do Alentejo e Vidigueira).

Information and booking:
Spira/ Rota do Fresco
Email: info@rotadofresco.com
Site: www.rotadofresco.com

Guided tours to the town of Portel:

Portel – its history, its layout, its monuments. Go for a walk on the streets of the town, with visits to its main monuments: the Castle (12th – 16th centuries), the Chapel of Santo António (16th-17th centuries), the Mother Church (18th-20th centuries), the Church of the Espírito Santo (16th-18th centuries) and the Hermitage of São Brás (16th-17th centuries), amongst others.

Information and booking:
Câmara Municipal de Portel
Tourism Department
Phone: +351 266 619 030
Fax: +351 266 611 347
Email: turismo@mail.cm-portel.pt
Site: www.portel.pt




Thematic Pavilion – A BOLOTA (GPS: 38.304294 -7.697724)

Opened in September 2013, in an area that was once linked to the county’s economy – the Municipal Slaughterhouse of Portel and is a space for enhancing and promoting Cork oak forests which affords the discovery and interpretation of landscape through the five senses. Here the visitor can find out natural and cultural values and rediscover age old knowledge, memories and experiences of those who inhabit this territory in the heart of Alentejo – Portel.

The Bolota integrates 4 thematic spaces and a commercial area – Craftmanship Room, Cork Room, Heritage Room and Senses Room.

Information and booking:
Câmara Municipal de Portel
Tourism Department
Phone: +351 266 619 030/35
Fax: +351 266 611 347
Email: turismo@mail.cm-portel.pt
Site: www.portel.pt

Casa do Castelo (GPS: 38.310309 -7.702854)

Cultural space in the heart of the village of Portel, which brings together the various artistic, cultural and patrimonial values that the Castle of Portel has made available over the years to the Council of Portel.
Here are on display for the public, plastic arts, photography, reference works contextualizing various artists who are somehow connected to Portel, cinematographic arts, video and heritage estate related to the Castle of Portel, among which are for example the works awarded at the National School Competition within the framework of the “Castelo em Imagens” Film Festival. In the various exhibition halls are represented different views on a space that marked the history of Portel.

Information and booking:
Câmara Municipal de Portel
Tourism Department
Phone: +351 266 619 030/35
Fax: +351 266 611 347
Email: turismo@mail.cm-portel.pt
Site: www.portel.pt

Museu do Medronho (GPS: 38.21566 -7.544759)

The Museum as four distinct areas – exhibition, shop, counter and distillation. Through the exhibition the visitor can know the medronho: characterization of the plant and fruit, its life cycle, process of distillation of the fruit and its product.
In the store you find the best that nature and man are capable of. Honey, cheese, olive oil, wines, sausages, natural infusion plants, jams and homemade confectionery are some of the precious things this land has to offer.

Information and booking:
Museu do Medronho
Herdade de Monte Santos, 7220-011 Alqueva
Phone: +351 266 637 044
Email: geral@museudomedronho.pt
Site: www.museudomedronho.pt

Museu da Freguesia (GPS: 38.310396 -7.703290)

The Parish Museum is a small museum space in the center of the village, near the Castle of Portel, owned by the Parish of Portel.
It presents a collection of everyday objects and rural life, marks of the past that were part of our cultural identity.

Information and booking:
Junta de Freguesia de Portel
Rua do Espírito Santo, 7220 Portel
Phone: +351 266 612 253


Municipal Auditorium (GPS:38.309466 -7.707828)
The Portel Municipal Auditorium was inaugurated on September 22, 2005 by the Minister of Culture, Professor Dra. Isabel Pires de Lima. With excellent technical and physical conditions, it is a space of reference, generating important cultural and artistic dynamics, offering a regular cultural program that integrates theater, music, exhibitions, colloquiums and 3D cinema, being also a space of learning, by the population of the county, of music, theater and dance, within the scope of the Municipal School of Performing Arts and of the Senior University.

Auditório Municipal de Portel
Rua dos Bombeiros Voluntários de Portel
7220-361 Portel
Phone: +351 266 611 106
Email: auditorioportel@gmail.com
Site: www.facebook.com/auditorio.portel

Portel Muncicipal Library (GPS: 38.310574 -7.707351)

The Municipal Library of Portel, inaugurated on June 12, 2013, is a spacious and very welcoming space, which combines a diversity of options for those who visit us. Here you can have your moments of reading and study, as well as more relaxed moments, dedicated to leisure and culture.
The Library also has a Story Room, where several reading activities take place and an Auditorium, ideal for small presentations, meetings, colloquia and conferences.

Biblioteca Municipal de Portel
Cerca de S. Paulo, 7220 Portel
Phone: +351 266 612 078
Email: biblioteca@mail.cm-portel.pt

Exhibition Space/ Chapel of Santo António (GPS: 38.310173 -7.702868)
Now working as an exhibition hall, the Santo António Chapel (Saint Anthony) was a private oratory of the religious order Terceira. The interior space, baroque, has dome decorated with sgraffitos and the walls are decorated with “carpet” type tiles, from the 2nd half of the century XVII. Outside, to the left of the portal, stands out one of the steps of the Via Sacra (19th century).

Capela de Santo António
Praça D. Nuno Álvares Pereira, 7200 Portel
Phone: +351 266 619 032
Email: turismo@mail.cm-portel.pt


International Folk Festival (GPS: 38.304554 -7.701902)
In August Portel is in celebration, when the colors, dances and songs of the groups that participate in the International Festival of Folklore in the Parque (Park)Dr. França are exhibited; Through the various styles and nationalities that delightfully paint every year the International Festival of Folklore, the Municipality of Portel reinforces once again its policy of cultural diversity , based on a program for all audiences.
2018 confirmed dates:
From 9th to 13th August 2018

Portelaves (GPS: 38.310598 -7.706162)

Immediatelly after the Folk Festival takes place Portelaves, one of the largest bird shows in the country, where popular music and fado liven up the hot August nights.

2018 confirmed dates:
From 14th to 19th August 2018